We bake fresh, artisan, sourdough bread everyday.

By the time by the time your alarm goes off, our team of mixers, shapers & bakers have likely mixed, shaped & baked hundreds of loaves. And if you’re lucky enough to live nearby, you can pop on over to our storefront and enjoy a warm, fresh-from-the-oven loaf, first thing with your morning coffee. And if not, don’t worry, our shelves are stocked & we’re open all day. Swing by & pick up a loaf for dinner. We’d love to see you.


City City
Our classic, white sourdough. A great all around loaf that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It has a subtle wheat flavor, substantial crust, and a soft irregular crumb.
full loaf $6.50 | half loaf $3.50
Country Country
Our whole wheat sourdough. With rye flour and soaked & fermented rye berries, giving it a deep flavor and subtle sweetness we think you’ll love. We’re also told it tastes like you’re in Germany.
full loaf $6.50 | half loaf $3.50
Semolina Semolina
Loaded with toasted fennel, sesame & poppy seeds, this loaf takes its name, nutty flavor & yellow-coloring from the predominantly semolina flour used in the dough. Incredibly flavorful. Perfect for pasta night. A crowd favorite.
full loaf $6.75 | half loaf $3.50
Francese Francese
Our rustic version of the classic french baguette. It has a light irregular crumb with a thinner, crisper crust. Best eaten by the fistful on a walk down the cultural trail. Or paired with your favorite wine & cheese.
full loaf $3.50
Pugliese Pugliese
Similar to a ciabatta. Soft, white, open crumb. Crispy crust.
full loaf $6.50 | half loaf $3.50
Focaccia Focaccia
A fragrant, rustic, flat bread that has been seasoned with rosemary, sage, oregano, garlic, fresh parmesan & olive oil. It melts in your mouth, literally.
full loaf $4.00
Pullman Pullman
An ode to our mid-western roots & our take on the classic white sandwich loaf. Ours is hydrated with whole milk and 10% butter for a soft white crumb and a rich flavor.
full loaf $8.00 | half loaf $4.00
cran-walnut Cranberry Walnut
A hearty sourdough studded with toasted walnuts and dried cranberries. A Milktooth favorite.
2018 Specials

Mon – Rosemary Olive
Chock full of 5 types of olives & fresh rosemary.
Tue – Polenta

Fresh oregano & a hearty dose of house-made polenta. Chili night, anyone?

Wed – Savory City

A crowd favorite. With caramelized onions, sharp cheddar & fresh sage.

Th – Tahini Black Sesame
Fri – Porridge
Sat – Baker’s Choice 
Sun – Spelt