Have a question? We’ve got answers.

1. Where are you located?
653 Virginia Ave! We’re right on the Cultural Trail, connected to Bluebeard.

2. What are your hours?
7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday & 10am to 5pm on the weekends (Yep – Sundays, too)

3. Do you have sourdough bread?
Lots of it. Our City, Country, Semolina & specialty loaves are made with only our natural levain (aka – are 100% sourdough). Our Francese, Pugliese, Brioche, Pullman & Focaccia contain a small amount of added commercial yeast as well. If you’re looking for the most classic sourdough flavor, we’d recommend the City Loaf. We do feed our starter every day, which results in a less tangy sourdough than some.

4. Do you have gluten free bread?
No, sorry! We do carry gluten free pastries (*though are not a certified gluten free facility).

5. When will you have the Cranberry Walnut? Olive? Roasted Garlic? Sunflower Seed? …
Check the sidebar on the right for today’s specialty loaf (& of-the-moment pastries, too).

6. Do you do wholesale bread orders?
Absolutely. Email orders@ameliasbread.com & we’ll get back to you with specifics. Bread orders must be in at least 48 hours ahead of the day that you need it.

7. What are your ingredients?
Check out our products page for a list of ingredients in all of our breads. For those inquiring, aside from our specialty loaves with cheddar, focaccia, brioche & pullman, all of our breads are vegan!

8. Do you sell half loaves?
Yes! No problem. Just ask at the counter and we’ll cut it for you (and slice it, too – if you’d like).

9. How long will your bread keep?
All of our loaves are baked fresh daily and are at their peak on that day. Once you slice into the bread, keep the loaves wrapped well in paper, plastic or foil & you can eat them all week. The main exception is our francese – because of its greater surface area, it dries out faster than others and is really best the day it is purchased. Aside from it, all of our breads freeze especially well, too. Just be sure to wrap them extra well!