Where to Eat & Drink, Indianapolis
“…Author Kurt Vonnegut grew up in town, so stop for a visit at the aptly named Bluebeard, which serves can’t-miss baked-on-site bread…”

Indianapolis, Rising Start of the Midwest
“The secret to the superpopular sourdough at the bakery Amelia’s: a cool overnight rise.”

Taste Test: Indy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
“The secrets of this save-half-for-later, sea-salted whopper include brown butter and chunks of premium Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate in different sizes melting into every crevice. The result: chocolate strips, not chips.

“Outstanding bread. Really, it’s *that* good. If you’re going to a dinner party or to a friend’s house for dinner, offer to bring some bread and pop by Amelia’s for a loaf. You’ll be invited back.”

-Bill J, Yelper

“I recently got hooked on Michael Pollan’s documentary series “Cooked” (if you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend doing that. It’s on Netflix). One of the episodes in the series dealt with bread, baking, and the significant changes in what we consume now based on what our digestive systems were developed to eat…He specifically referred to seeking out fermented whole wheat sourdough bread done properly with a thick crust and a soft fluffy inside. You want to know where you can get a fermented whole wheat sourdough artisanal bread with a thick crust and a deliciously soft and fluffy inside? Amelia’s.”

-Dylan E, Yelper

“…I actually try to taste artisan bread in every city I visited in the US especially those with high reputation. Other than tartine in San Francisco, Amelia is standing out of all the rest so far!

…The good thing is they offer half-loaf, so don’t need to worry about taking forever to consume it if you are a single-person household like me. And, they open on Sundays! How awesome!”

-Xin T, Yelper

“…Amelia’s to me is considered a bakery powerhouse in Indiana. Not only can you find their baked goodness at many farmers markets all over Indy but on many menus at local restaurants across town. So while stopping in, be sure to grab a cookie or two or three. For $1.50-$2 you can enjoy a cookie meal — these cookies are beasts…Of course you will find what makes Ameilas Indy famous, yes, their beautiful hearth-baked loaves, but you will also find in their case: pies from Lattice & Lard, home-made pasta, a selection of cheeses, meats including Smoking Goose, olive oil, mustard, olives and more essentials to make a nice charcuterie board.”

-Brooke K, Yelper