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Bread Is Beautiful

At Amelia’s, we work hard to craft beauty every single day.

Our Story

We are a production bakery based in the Holy Rosary neighborhood in downtown Indianapolis. Our purpose is to bring high-quality, old-world bread to the people of our city. Since opening, we’ve become a staple in our neighborhood, and a destination for travelers far and wide. We also provide bread to some of Central Indiana’s finest restaurants and grocers.

Our Approach

Every morning at 4 a.m., our bakers, mixers, and shapers get busy preparing hundreds of fresh sourdough loaves. Our dough is fermented for a longer period of time and at cooler temperatures than commercially yeasted bread, yielding deeper flavor and superior texture. It is then hearth-baked until it reaches perfect caramelization. Then it’s sold fresh off the rack.

Amelia's baked goods in store

Our Locations

We have three locations in Indianapolis. Our Fletcher Place Storefront is where all the sourdough bread baking happens. The storefront has a more extensive gourmet grocery selection, featuring local meats, cheeses, seasonal produce, housemade deli items, pantry staples, and more. There is only outdoor seating.

Windsor Park Bakery & Coffee Shop has its own selection of seasonal pastries in addition to our core pastries (baked in-house), sourdough bread, espresso menu, and a more limited grocery selection. There is indoor and outdoor seating available here.

The Stutz Bakery & Provisions has combined both the Fletcher Place location with its large selection of groceries and pastries and the Windsor Park location with its offering of an espresso menu. There is indoor and outdoor seating available here.

Our Sister Restaurant

Bluebeard, a James Beard semifinalist helmed by renowned Chef Alan Sternberg, is adjacent to our storefront. There, you can enjoy Amelia’s bread in some of the most inventive and delicious lunch and dinner dishes in Indianapolis.