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This isn’t your English auntie’s scone. Each one is made up of 84% butterfat—making it creamy, sweet, and crumby (but not crumbly) in texture—and is 100% delicious. $4 READ MORE

Maple Pecan Granola


A delightfully crunchy mix of toasted buckwheat, oats, and toasted almonds with a sweet-salty maple coating. $10 READ MORE


This classic French pastry is gluten-free and goodness-full. Each one is a delectable mix of browned butter, almond meal cake, buckwheat, and honey. $3 READ MORE

Daily Specials

Our daily specials change on a bimonthly (or so) basis. All loaves cost $3.50/half, $7/full. Monday: Rye: Earthy and spiced with toasted coriander and caraway. Tuesday: Polenta: Made from local popcorn polenta. Like cornbread, only way better. Wednesday: Oatmeal Porridge: Soft and malty. Perfect paired with a bowl of your favorite soup. Thursday: Tahini Black READ MORE

Savory City Loaf

Savory City Loaf

Imagine our traditional City Loaf—only with carmelized onions, extra sharp cheddar, and sage. Need we say more? $4.25/$8.50 READ MORE

Cocoa Brownie

Forget what you know about brownies. This dense, delicious concoction creates a sensory experience that is pure, unalloyed joy. $2.50 READ MORE


This oatmeal cookie converts people who don’t eat oatmeal cookies into gospel-preaching true believers. $3 READ MORE

Peanut Butter Oat

Peanut butter lovers, beware. Large enough to be shared with a friend. But who are we kidding? You’re definitely eating the whole thing. $3 READ MORE